Weight Loss

advanced_therapy_lounge_weightlossVirtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Programme

Often it is the case that we do not notice how much weight we have gained until the realisation hits us that our clothes are no longer fitting as comfortable as they used to or we catch a glimpse of ourselves as we walk past a window. There are many reasons why people gain weight, it could be a medical problem, stress, a lifestyle change, over eating or eating the wrong types of food.

Whatever the reason being overweight can often lead to low self- esteem and depression compounding the issue which often makes it harder for us to lose the weight. Food can often become a pre-occupation and we may find ourselves constantly thinking about food and how many calories we have consumed during the day. All this worrying and thinking about food only makes us think about food even more and you may find that food is always on your mind.

We are all born with a perfect weight control system built into us but as we grow and develop this system becomes distorted as we are encouraged and praised to eat everything on our plate We start to associate eating everything as good even when we are full as our mind now believes that it is good to finish what is in front of you. We become driven by routine leading us to not question if we are hungry or not, we just eat. We no longer feel with our stomachs so we do not have to feel hungry to want to eat. We have begun to attach feelings to food. Some of us over eat when we are happy while others over eat when we are sad, whatever the reason we have started associating food with emotions resulting in us over eating and gaining weight.

The Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Programme is designed to stop the attachment of food and emotions and help us to go back to that perfect weight control system we are all born with.

The Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Programme is NOT a diet and focuses on you being in control of your mind so you no longer associate food with emotional ups and downs so food will no longer be the first think you reach for.

The Virtual Gastric Band Weigh Loss Programme is a highly successful programme and is now used in some GP’s surgeries. On average people lose 7lb’s in the first week and 1-3 lb’s per week after that.